Share Your Information Safely

Our opinions on sharing our personal details vary wildly – some of us don’t mind, others would really prefer not to – but I think we can agree that if we need to share sensitive information, it has to be done safely.

Trax has been designed to help businesses who do not typically do this to do so in the most secure way possible and to keep you – the consumer – safe from information breaches, while giving you greater peace of mind.

Keeping your information safe

  • Your information is always transmitted encrypted
  • Information you share is kept private until a Track & Trace (or Contract Tracing) request is received
  • We don’t use cookies or any other means of tracking you. We only save what you tell us we can
  • Your information will be automatically deleted when no longer needed or after a specified period (e.g. 21 days)

Committed to giving you control

  • You don’t need to sign up or register, just fill in the form when you check in
  • OR store your details on your device for use with our ‘one click check in’ next time
  • We will be rolling out tools allowing you to see the data we hold on you