We’re all keen to get back to work – and back to serving our customers – but keeping the best records possible might make all the difference in minimising future disruption to our businesess.

Unfortunately, with collecting information come a whole host of challenges – how to collect, keep, secure and ultimately delete information as appropriate can be problematic, especially when it’s not something we are used to doing.

Making it Easy

  • Customers securely submit their information directly to Trax
  • Trax stores the information for you, reducing the Data Protection burden
  • Information is automatically deleted after a specified period (e.g. 21 days)
  • Customers can check in by scanning with their phone’s camera or typing a short code

Designed with you in mind

  • Low monthly cost
  • Quick & Easy to set up
  • QR code can be used within existing Point of Sale materials
  • You can (optionally) ask customers to include their zone name or number
  • We are committed to continually improving our product – making it easier to use and more powerful